How to Reduce Employee Absenteeism

19 February, 2019

Employee absenteeism is a problem for every business and can cause heavy costs for employers. Getting 100% attendance from all of your employees is of

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11 Tips for Creating Your Brand vs. Observing Competitors

16 February, 2019

What’s your best advice for deciding how much time to spend on creating your own brand vs. monitoring the competition? Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) is

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Why Influencer Marketing Is Still Important For Brands

9 February, 2019

A trusted brand recommendation is important when attracting the audience. High-level influencer connections can help you connect with those prospects, which can make a significant

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How to Protect Your Data

7 February, 2019

Cybercrime incidents are on the rise and unfortunately, these crimes cost businesses a lot. Many small businesses are not prepared for cyber crimes because they don’t

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Top 6 Receptionist Interview Questions and Answers

5 February, 2019

By Jeff Gillis When it comes to the roles people play within a professional organization, it’s hard to ignore just how critically important a good

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How to Answer the “How Do You Handle Conflict” Interview Question

25 January, 2019

By Mike Simpson Quick question for you: how do you handle conflict? Are you someone who avoids conflict at all costs? Are you someone who

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The Most Complimentary Interview Wardrobe

24 January, 2019

The day for your interview has been scheduled. That means you were among the handful of people selected out of dozens of applicants to continue

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How to Work With a Client You Don’t Like

22 January, 2019

We deal with all types of people when we are working and some of them may not be very easy to work with. When you

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How To Answer “How Do You Handle Stress?” Interview Question

21 January, 2019

By Mike Simpson When it comes right down to it, interviews are phenomenally stressful. You’re potentially competing with hundreds, if not thousands of other qualified

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Setting Realistic Personal Branding “New Years Resolutions” for 2019

18 January, 2019

According to an article in the New York Times, one third of individuals who make “New Year’s resolutions” don’t make it past the end of

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