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Top 15 LinkedIn Profile Tips for 2021

14 September, 2021

By Jeff Gillis Whether you’re currently looking for a new job or simply want to be ready for when that day comes, learning about LinkedIn

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20 Best Jobs for Veterans in 2021

8 September, 2021

By Jeff Gillis For many service members, transitioning to a post-military career isn’t easy. Not all jobs match up clearly with opportunities in the civilian

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What Are Management Skills? (Examples List Included)

7 September, 2021

By Mike Simpson Once you get your career underway, it’s normal to hit a point where you’ll need management skills to keep moving up. After

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“What Does Customer Service Mean to You?” (Example Answers Included)

3 September, 2021

By Mike Simpson If you’re applying for a customer service representative job, there’s a ridiculously good chance the hiring manager is going to ask you,

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What Are Customer Service Skills? (Example List Included)

2 September, 2021

By Mike Simpson One thing is certain; every company relies on customers to stay afloat. That’s why customer service skills are so valuable. If you

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How to Answer “What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?” (Answers Included)

24 August, 2021

By Mike Simpson When the hiring manager asks you, “What is your greatest accomplishment?” it’s essentially an open invitation to toot your own horn. Chances

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Salary History: What to Do When You’re Asked for It

19 August, 2021

By Mike Simpson When it comes to uncomfortable interview questions, it’s hard to beat anything that asks about salary history. Usually, talking about pay is

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What Are Critical Thinking Skills? (Example List Included)

13 August, 2021

By Mike Simpson Ah, critical thinking skills. As a candidate, it’s vital to understand that pretty much all employers are on the hunt for job

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Top 15 System Administrator Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

12 August, 2021

By Mike Simpson Overall, there are around 374,000 system administrators in the United States today. If you want to join their ranks or move up

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Top 25 Nurse Manager Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

11 August, 2021

By Mike Simpson Did you know that 70 percent of nurse managers are satisfied or very satisfied with their job? It’s true. And considering that

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