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How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for a Student [Template Included]

26 October, 2020

By Mike Simpson If you are a teacher or mentor a young person, there’s a chance that you’ll be asked to do something important: write

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How To Ask For A Letter of Recommendation (Templates Included)

24 October, 2020

By Mike Simpson How to ask for a letter of recommendation. It’s a question that plagues students and job seekers alike. Why? Because having one

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Top 20 Questions to Ask Recruiters (+ Questions To Avoid)

22 October, 2020

By Jeff Gillis When you’re looking for a new job, working with a recruiter is an incredibly smart move. You get a job search ally

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Top 10 Millennial Job Interview Tips (+ Mistakes To Avoid)

15 October, 2020

By Mike Simpson More than one-in-three people in the workforce are Millennials. That makes them the largest part of the labor force, by far, surpassing

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15 Best 6 Figure Jobs for 2021

14 October, 2020

By Jeff Gillis Many people dream of landing 6-figure jobs. Those positions are usually associated with prosperity, and that alone makes them appealing. But it’s

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Top 10 Cover Letter Tips for 2021 (+ Mistakes To Avoid)

13 October, 2020

By Mike Simpson Ah, the cover letter. While it seems like writing a cover letter would be so incredibly simple, it’s often one of the

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I Hate My Boss – What to Do Now (Our Step-By-Step Guide)

11 October, 2020

By Mike Simpson When the first thing you think when you arrive at work is “I hate my boss,” your professional life quickly turns miserable.

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Top 14 Best Online Jobs for Teens in 2020

11 October, 2020

By Jeff Gillis For many teens, having access to a bit of cash is a must. It gives them the freedom to purchase products they

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How to Decline a Job Offer (Step-By-Step Guide + Email Templates)

9 October, 2020

By Mike Simpson You’ve done it. You navigated the hiring process like a boss, impressing with your resume, answering the job interview questions with ease,

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Top 18 Easy Jobs That Pay Well in 2020

7 October, 2020

By Jeff Gillis When it comes to career aspirations, finding easy jobs that pay well is a common goal. After all, who doesn’t want to

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