Improve Conversions from Your Brand’s Website Home Page

11 May, 2019

Your personal brand’s website’s home page is the main hub to attract interested prospects. Your visitors should know that you are both ready and able

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14 Things Every Freelancer Should Know About Personal Branding

8 May, 2019

What should freelancers know about establishing and building personal branding? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most

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How to Write YouTube Headlines That Get Read For Your Personal Brand

4 May, 2019

When building a personal brand video content is key to increased visibility online. To achieve this it’s not only important to create compelling media that

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How to Create Eye-Catching Visual Content For Your Personal Brand

27 April, 2019

How your brand image is projected visually is important to your audience and visibility. A mix of appealing images and video will not only increase

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How to Create a Workplace Culture of Acceptance

23 April, 2019

This week I would like to include David Mesa’s ideas and opinions about creating a workplace culture of acceptance in my article. David Mesa, Chief

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How To Create A Business Game Plan For Your Personal Brand

20 April, 2019

Your personal brand needs to have a plan in place for your projected growth, regardless of whether you’re new to Internet marketing and branding, or

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5 Steps to Outshine Your Competition In a Job Interview

18 April, 2019

An interview is a business transaction wherein the objective of the hiring manager (the person who has the authority to hire) is to make a

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How to use a logo to reinforce one’s personal branding

15 April, 2019

I’ve always believed in the importance of a logo to reinforce my personal brand and that of my companies. If you go on my personal

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Get More Followers for Your Personal Brand with Instagram Stories

13 April, 2019

Today it’s all about great visual content and videos online, and publishing stories on Instagram is just one way an audience can better get to

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13 Clear Signs You Have a Strong Brand

12 April, 2019

What is the hallmark of a particularly strong brand, and what lessons can be learned from those traits? These answers are provided by Young Entrepreneur Council

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