What Are Hard Skills? (112 Examples Included)

19 February, 2021

By Jeff Gillis As a job seeker, your hard skills matter. By having the right ones on your resume, you increase your odds of standing

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How to Write a Resignation Email (Examples Included)

17 February, 2021

By Mike Simpson Deciding to leave a job is usually equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. In most cases, you’re probably moving on to bigger, better

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16 February, 2021

Business leaders like to say time is money. Based on that valuation, time management has become a booming industry. Global sales of workflow software and

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29 January, 2021

Overall, 2020 has changed the way humans consume information. With a standstill on physical interaction, everything suddenly went online and customers became digitally-conscious. Young entrepreneurs

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28 January, 2021

Whether you’re a freelancer, business consultant, or an entrepreneur, your personal brand is the oil your lamp needs in these uncertain times, so make it

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26 January, 2021

No matter your brand preference, buying a laptop is a substantial investment. This device’s smooth running is crucial for your academic life and even entertainment. 

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25 January, 2021

When you think of businesspeople who have built memorable personal brands, CEOs like Elon Musk and Oprah Winfrey come to mind. However, CEOs aren’t the

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How to Beat the Applicant Tracking System in 2021

23 January, 2021

By Mike Simpson Picture this: you’ve found the absolutely perfect job for your skills and experience. So, you spend hours targeting your resume and honing

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21 January, 2021

If you want to wait until you graduate to launch a startup, there’s a chance someone will enter the market with your idea. Most startups

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What Are Soft Skills? (76 Examples Included)

20 January, 2021

By Jeff Gillis Most job seekers have heard that soft skills can make the difference between getting passed over and snagging a job. By listing

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