Professional Reference Letters 101 (Sample Template Included)

15 November, 2017

By Mike Simpson Part and parcel of membership in the not-so-elite squad of Traditional Human Employment – to make it fun let’s call them the

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How To Write a College Resume (Template Included)

14 November, 2017

By Mike Simpson It is senior year and the time has come. The quad that seemed so welcoming and full of promise four years ago

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Top 10 Best Jobs For College Students

7 November, 2017

By Jeff Gillis The unthinkable has happened: you’ve grown tired of eating ramen noodles, living four to a room, and pretending that trips to the

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How to Write a Project Manager Resume

6 November, 2017

We recently added this sample project manager resume to our collection of free resume samples and I want to take you through the resume so

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How To Choose A Career (And Not Screw It Up)

3 November, 2017

By Jeff Gillis There are a shocking number of possible careers, which makes choosing a career a monumental task. The little boy who dreams of

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Character Reference Letter 101 (Sample Template Included)

30 October, 2017

By Mike Simpson We are all familiar with the traditional reference letter (often referred to as a letter of recommendation). It is an employer’s note

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10 July, 2017

In the old days, before we had email, we all used to mail our resumes off to potential employers. Along with the resume, we would

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22 May, 2017

In order to make a powerful impression, your resume should start with a hard-hitting summary – a section that quickly introduces you and provides readers with

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13 April, 2017

Writing your resume can be daunting – especially if you’ve had quite a long career or achieved a lot in each of your positions. I

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22 August, 2016

This is the interview question many of us dread. It’s so open-ended and we often feel clueless as to what the interviewer wants to hear.

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