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For Your Brand and More: Here’s Why You Need Wristbands for Your Next Event

For Your Brand and More: Here’s Why You Need Wristbands for Your Next Event

8 September, 2023

Keeping track of your attendees is at the heart of event security, and using paper or even digital tickets can be a real hassle. That’s because when you issue tickets, you have to ask attendees to present their tickets in order to gain access to the event, to VIP areas, or to the bar. Tickets can get crumpled, torn, lost, and damaged by rain. Lines can get backed up while event attendees search their pockets and purses for tickets. That can cause other guests to become upset and unruly.

That’s why so many events these days are using wristbands instead. Wristbands make it easy to identify at a glance who is and is not allowed into the event or into certain areas of the event. Wristbands can also help you demarcate who is and isn’t old enough to drink, without putting the hassle of checking IDs onto your bar serving staff. Plastic and Tyvek wristbands are tamper-proof, and vinyl or silicone wristbands can even be used over and over again by loyal customers.

Know Who Is and Isn’t Allowed Inside Your Event

Custom wristbands are an easy way to know who is and isn’t allowed inside your event. Instead of waiting for guests to dig tickets out of their pockets or bags or to find them on their phones, all you have to do is look at their wrists. It takes just a second to flash a wristband. There’s no holding up the line. No possibility of a lost or damaged ticket. And no need to worry about who has access where or how old they are.

Identify Attendee Ages

Many events welcome attendees of all ages. If you’re serving alcohol or managing an underage crowd of children and teens, you need to know how old everyone is. Checking IDs at the door and handing out color-coded custom wristbands to attendees who are old enough to drink, for example, can save everyone a ton of time later because it eliminates the need for bar staff to check IDs every time they serve someone a drink. This helps service move faster and can increase your profits since people are able to buy more drinks.

Give Customers a Means to Show Their Loyalty

When you’re hosting an event repeatedly, you’re going to get the same attendees coming over. Handing out durable custom wristbands to your attendees gives them a way to show their loyalty. When attendees arrive with older custom wristbands, you’ll know that they’re loyal customers. You’ll be able to treat them as such by offering extra perks and special treatment.

Spread Brand Awareness

While people might cut or tear off plastic or Tyvek wristbands after the event is over, they might hang onto nice custom vinyl or silicone wristbands as souvenirs of the event. Every time a guest wears his or her vinyl or silicone custom wristband outside the event, you’re getting free marketing for that event. Wristbands can go a long way towards spreading awareness of your brand.

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Manage Guests More Effectively

Wristbands can really do a lot to help you manage guests at your event effectively. You can use different color wristbands to denote access to different areas of the event. If you have a VIP access area, for example, VIP guests can simply flash their wristbands to gain access. You can use custom wristbands to denote who has backstage access. It also denotes who has a day pass versus a weekend pass. These days, you can even buy high-tech wristbands with barcodes or RFID chips that can store all the information your event staff might need to help guests get to where they need to be.

Keep Your Guests Safe

The main goal of hosting an event is to make sure everyone stays safe and has a good time. Custom wristbands can help you identify interlopers who might intend to do harm to event attendees. They’re also a good solution for field trips and summer camps where you’ll need to identify young children or teens and keep them in a group. You can even use wristbands to identify attendees with allergies or illnesses. Or those who can’t safely participate in some activities, like swimming.

Custom wristbands can help you host a safe and fun event. Whether you need to keep track of guests for a night, a weekend, or longer, custom event wristbands can convey vital information about your guests at a glance, and smooth the wrinkles out of guest management.

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